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Cambrie Knit Blanket - Free Knitting Pattern

Hello! I have a lovely knitted baby blanket pattern to share with you today, this blanket can be done in no time - it's such an easy pattern to do and works up very quick for a knit blanket.

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For this blanket pattern i used Cascade 220 worsted/aran wool in the colour Highland Green, I am such a big fan of this wool as it's so soft and really lovely knit with, perfect for babies.This blanket pattern really has a timeless cosy feel and look to it which are perfect for little ones and the pattern is suitable for beginners all the way through to the more experienced knitter to enjoy, this design also makes a wonderful gift especially as the gift giving season is coming up and you can knit this just in time.

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Clare xo

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Needles - US 8 / 5mm Circular Needles 32 inches (80cm) - Recommended - For the largest sized blanket I would use a 40 inch Circular Needle (100cm) - You can use long straight needles to accommodate the large number of stitches
Yarn - Cascade 220 / Any Worsted Weight Wool Yarn - (660 yards - 1980 yards) Colourway - Highland Green Scissors Tape Measure Darning Needle - To weave in ends Blocking Board / Foam Board Blocking Pins Towel - For blocking

20sts = 4 inches (10cm) Gauge is not particularly important for this pattern

Small - 25 inches x 30 inches (approx) - After blocking

SKILL LEVEL: Easy You will need to know how to cast on, knit and purl. Read a row by row knitting pattern, bind off stitches and how to weave in ends. Blocking of the finished blanket is highly recommended to make it to the correct size, how to do this has been included in the pattern
PATTERN NOTES: This blanket is knit flat using circular needles knitting back and forth. You can use long straight needles to accommodate the large number of stitches that is required


Small - Use your desired 5mm needles (circular or straight) to accommodate your stitches

Cast on 110 stitches

R1. Knit all stitches (Right side of work)

R2-R10. Knit all stitches


R1. Knit all stitches

R2. K8, Purl all stitches until last 8sts, K8

R3. Knit all stitches

R4. K8, P1 * K2, P1 * Repeat to last 8sts, K8

Repeat rows 1-4 of the main pattern until all of your blanket including the border measures 28.5 inches (approx) or until your desired length finishing on a row 4


R1-R10. Knit all stitches

Bind Off.


Step 1: Wet block your work by wetting your blanket in a sink or in a bucket of cool water (you don’t want to use warm water as your blanket may felt and become fluffy) Leave approx for 5 mins in water

Step 2: Take your blanket out and very gently squeeze water out (do not wring water out as it will ruin the blanket)

Step 3: Gently squeeze remaining water out with a towel - You don’t want your blanket dripping with water

Step 4: Place your blanket on blocking board / foam board, gently stretch your blanket out to the size that is stated and place pins to hold in place - I recommended 1 inch between each pin to hold in place

Step 5: Let your blanket completely dry out, this may take up to 48 hours - You could use a fan to quicken up the process

** You can purchase an inexpensive AD free PDF version of all my patterns on Craftsy here ** 

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