Wool and Stitch exists to help you learn and inspire you to create new knit/crochet stitches, follow new knit/crochet patterns and helpful knit/crochet tips and tricks. I write content that is consistent with this purpose. All bloggers have to disclose on their website how they earn their money.

So here is some info on how I earn a little money from my blog..

> The sponsor ads you see in the sidebar or similar – If you click on an ad and buy a product I receive a small commission – You will not pay any extra for your purchase.

> Text link adverts you may see through posts and pages with highlighted ‘keywords’ – These ‘keywords’ were not specifically chosen by me, they are meant to represent other relevant content, if you click on these, again you will not pay any extra, I receive a small commission.

> A few affiliate links you see through this website – If you click on them and buy something, again I receive a small commission – You will not pay any extra for your purchase.

Compensation Disclosure:

I have advertising relationships with numerous organisations, I receive commission from affiliate partners when readers click, buy or shop their products. Wool and Stitch also contains paid advertising through a relationship with Google Ads and Shareasale. I am paid when an impression is clicked or shopped.

I include a disclosure statement at the top of every blog post where there is a possibility I could generate compensation by clicking the links within that blog post.

Commitment to Mission:

I will never ever advertise or promote anything that is inconsistent with the purpose of Wool and Stitch even if I could make money from doing so. If I am contacted to promote any product or service to my readers I will decline offers that do not fit in with the Wool and Stitch Blog.

If you find Wool and Stitch Valuable and worth your time, please interact with my site by clicking, registering and buying affiliate offers here as this is how i am compensated for my time – You the reader do not pay more when clicking, registering or buying affiliate offers, I get paid through the company.

Why do you generate income from your blog?
An honest answer to you is the little bit of money I do generate from this blog goes towards helping to provide for my family and to help maintain the free knitting and crochet patterns that I provide for all of you which helps buy materials such as yarn so I am able to create new blog posts. So every little bit of money helps. I will NEVER be dishonest with my readers just to earn money from my blog so you can trust me that nothing on my blog is a scam just to get your money.

Thank you for your support.